Corporate Responsibility Report 2016

Corporate Responsibility

To Deutsche Bank Group, corporate responsibility is an integral part of our corporate culture, our management decision-making and our daily operations. We strive to be more than a financial sponsor for good causes.

Deutsche Bank Group’s CR activities are based on the principle, “Building Social Capital”. With this in mind, we are committed to engaging ourselves in a broad range of CR activities in order to establish a long-standing and sustainable social platform.

Our CR activities are based on five areas: sustainability, employee engagement, social investments, art & music, education. Ensuring the sustainable development of our society, our employees make a personal commitment to serve society utilizing their own experience, ideas and effort, to not only contribute to the economic and creative development of regions and society, but also with a view to the opportunities ahead for the next generation. You can find out more about Deutsche Bank's CR activities on our global website.

In Japan, we have placed volunteering at the centre of our efforts since 2004. Today, our activities open the hope of a brighter future for regional communities and we continue to develop our CR activities in a range of fields.

About Deutsche Bank’s global CR

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