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Ecocap Movement

Deutsche Bank Group is a supporter of the NPO Ecocap Movement, a movement that neatly integrates environmental and resource protection with social welfare themes to appeal to people of all ages, from children to senior citizens. Initially focused in Kanagawa Prefecture since 2005, the movement formalized its organisation in 2006 and then, as it grew to achieve a national presence across Japan, it become the Ecocap Movement and attained NPO status in 2008.

The Ecocap Movement collects and recycles plastic bottlecaps, thereby encouraging the recycling of whole plastic bottles and reducing CO2 emissions from their disposal, while gaining an income from the sale of the plastic bottlecaps to recycling firms to pay for vaccines to use for children across the world. Through this simple, personal activity, the Ecocap Movement not only supports the protection of the environment, the reuse/recycling of resources and the health and welfare of children in the developing world but also promotes awareness of all of these issues and advance the future of our environment and society.

Deutsche Bank Group began its fully-fledged participation in the Ecocap Movement from December 2008 to capture and recycle plastic bottlecaps.

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