Deutsche Bank was founded in Berlin. Its purpose: "to transact banking business of all kinds, in particular to promote and facilitate trade relations between Germany, other European countries and overseas markets".

Deutsche Bank established its first overseas offices in Yokohama and Shanghai with the aim of expanding its businesses in the international markets. In 1875 the branches in Yokohama and Shanghai were liquidated due to losses in the silver trade.

Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, in which Deutsche Bank held a major stake, established branches in Yokohama and one year later in Kobe. Its Yokohama branch was closed after the disastrous earthquake in 1923, and its Kobe branch in 1932.

Deutsche Bank lead-managed Japan’s first ever bond issue in Germany. A bond for DM 100 million was issued by the prefecture and city of Osaka.
In the same year Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Ueberseeische Bank (DUB) – a fully owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, specialized on South America – jointly opened a representative office in Tokyo.

The joint Deutsche Bank and DUB representative office in Tokyo was transformed into a branch of DUB.

After the merger of Deutsche Bank and DUB, Deutsche Bank transformed the DUB branch into its own Tokyo branch.

Acquisition and integration of Bankers Trust in the U.S.A.

Deutsche Bank in Tokyo relocated to Sanno Park Tower.

History of Banking Business

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