Deutsche Bank is a major player in commodities markets around the world, from Australia and South Africa to Russia and Eastern Europe. The Bank's Commodities teams trade in the full range of energy, power and metals markets, with particular expertise in complex commodity derivatives and environmental finance.

Deutsche Bank is a dominating force in the precious metals business. With significant cross-currency and interest rate exposures, in addition to the underlying commodity book, the Commodities Group is fully committed to hybrid structures.

We are a leading provider of energy-related hedging and risk management solutions. We look at the most appropriate way of meeting client needs, using products that range from simple swaps to innovative and complex exotics and cross-market derivatives.

The Commodities group has been an innovative participant in the growing market for energy derivatives. Our Derivatives team is a leading player in providing hedging structures to commodity producers, refiners and consumers for proactive risk management.

We are building a global commodities hybrid product and correlation trading business that will link seamlessly with the other commodities businesses. This business area will encompass hybrid products, cross product risk and quantitative support.

In Japan, Deutsche Bank's commodities business works to deliver locally focused basis risk management and execution solutions for clients in the energy commodities market, and develops asset-side products to meet the objectives of Japan investors. Leveraging its lead in e-trading platform and hedge management products, Deutsche Bank also competes aggressively in Japan's precious metals market.

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Last Update: May 8, 2012
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