Corporate Governance

Deutsche Bank was the first international banking group to adopt the dual governance system in Italy: a decision, resolved during the Bank's Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting in April 2008, which brings the Italian structure closer to the administration and control system implemented by the Parent Company in Frankfurt.

In a dual governance system, a Supervisory Board, with members appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting, works alongside a Management Board appointed by the Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board oversees all the activities carried out by the Management Board, particularly the approval of strategic initiatives proposed by the latter.

The Management Board is responsible for managing the Group in accordance with the strategic guidelines established by the Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board consists of 8 members:

Werner Steinmueller (Chairman)
Giovanni Maria Garegnani** (Vice Chairman)
Roberto Cera**
Bevan Cowie
Jasmine Mathews
Alessandro Solidoro**
Lars Stoy
Sandra Wirfs

** Independent Advisor

The Internal Control Committee is composed by Alessandro Solidoro, Roberto Cera and Giovanni Maria Garegnani.

The Management Board consists of 7 members:

Roberto Parazzini (Chairman and CEO)
Luca Fachin (Vice Chairman)
Carlos Gonzaga (Vice Chairman)
Maria Giuseppina Cerè
Paolo Maestri
Serdar Oezkan
Giordano Villa