Art & Music - Fostering creativity

Deutsche Bank continually seeks ways to foster creativity as a tool that can build more livable communities and serve as an important economic resource in their revitalization. The Bank believes imagination, ingenuity and vision can create environments conducive to innovation and resourcefulness, as well as improve business practices. Programs for emerging artists, musicians, and cultural institutions enrich cities, and bringing contemporary art into the workplace sustains an atmosphere that encourages the kind of thought-leadership that has been integral to Deutsche Bank’s continued success.


Deutsche Bank CollectionDeutsche Bank Collection

Contemporary art has been integrated into the work environment and the identity of Deutsche Bank since 1978. The bank has one of the most comprehensive corporate art collections in the world, featuring over 55,000 photographs, prints and drawings worldwide. more

Community Arts GrantsCommunity Arts Grants

These funding initiatives seek to encourage the use of art, culture and design as tools for the economic development of distressed communities, as well as to provide residents of these areas with new employment, career and entrepreneurial opportunities. more

Music InitiativesMusic Initiatives

Part of Deutsche Bank’s philosophy is the belief that creativity, dedication and discipline can lead to outstanding achievement. Deutsche Bank’s music initiatives focus on supporting and encouraging young people in exploring their potential. more


Deutsche Bank believes a creative environment invigorates people, encourages innovative thinking and contributes to community building. Every year, the Bank partners with premier arts, music and cultural institutions. more

Cultural CollaborationsCultural Collaborations

Deutsche Bank maintains a number of ongoing relationships with artists and institutions. These collaborations are often meant to assist emerging and contemporary artists as well as increase the accessibility of their work. more