Maxwell Alexandre, Conny Maier, and Zhang Xu Zhan are Deutsche Bank’s 'Artists of the Year' 2020

In the tenth year of the award, three up-and-coming artists are being honored simultaneously for the first time. The works of Brazilian Maxwell Alexandre focus on racism and police violence, as well as community and spirituality. They were inspired by his life as he grew up in Rio de Janeiro’s largest favela, Rocinha. With Conny Maier, the bank is presenting the award to a German artist for the first time. In her works, Maier combines neo-expressive and comic style with a distinct sense of color and composition. In his animated films, sculptures, and video installations, the Taiwanese artist Zhang Xu Zhan creates fantastic cosmos populated by mythical creatures, singing animals, plants, and nature spirits and dominated by ancient rituals— a world that is at once apocalyptic and fairytale-like. Deutsche Bank supports its Artists of the Year by helping to make them better known to the general public—by purchasing their works for the Deutsche Bank Collection, through a comprehensive catalog, and by means of their own exhibition. The group exhibition “Artists of the Year 2020” will be on view in the bank’s PalaisPopulaire in Berlin starting September 15, 2021.

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